Doug south, a st. Petersburg based musician is starting to MAKE HIS MARK IN THE LOCAL MUSIC SCENE. THIS SOUTHERN BOY FROM South Carolina MADE HIS WAY TO THE BEACH AND STARTED PERFORMING MUSIC FULL TIME IN THE LAST FEW YEARS. WITH A BACKGROUND IN BLUES, ROCK, AND COUNTRY, HIS INFLUENCES INCLUDE: HANK WILLIAMS, DAVID ALLEN COE, GEORGE STRAIT, TYLER CHILDERS, STURGIL SIMPSON, THE Grateful Dead, JOE WALSH, THE ALLMAN BROTHERS, AND MANY OTHERS. DESPITE HIS BACKGROUND HE CAN STILL TAKE a variety of REQUESTS like FRANK SINATRA, NIRVANA, KID CUDI, LIL NAS AND EVEN BILLIE EILISH. DOUG IS KNOWN FOR HIS UNIQUE VOCALS, AND VERSatile guitar playing. after a tough 2020, Doug and his band (Ashley Galbraith on bass and Taylor Galbraith on drums) are inspired and thankful to be playing all around the st. Petersburg area 4-6 times a week. new original music is set to be released in spring. 

Upcoming   shows

7.9.21   Doc Fords                    1pm-4pm 

7.9.21   Club 201                      9:30pm-1am

7.10.21 O' Maddy's                   1pm-4pm

7.10.21 Blur Night Club            8pm-11pm

7.11.21 O' Maddy's                   5pm-9pm

7.13.21 Ricky T's                      4pm-7pm

7.13.21 Saltwater Hippie         7:30pm-11pm

7.14.21 O' Maddy's                   5pm-9pm

7.15.21 Toasted Monkey          6pm-10pm

7.16.21 Doc Fords                    1pm-4pm

7.16.21 Club 201                      9:30pm-1am

7.17.21 O' Maddy's                   1pm-4pm

7.17.21 private event

7.18.21 O' Maddy's                   5pm-9pm

7.20.21 Saltwater Hippie         7:30pm-11pm

7.21.21 O' Maddy's                   5pm-9pm

7.22.21 Phoenix Lounge          8pm-11pm

7.23.21 Doc Fords                    1pm-4pm

7.23.21 Red Tiki                        6pm-9pm

7.24.21 O' Maddy's                   1pm-4pm

7.24.21 Floridian Social Club    8pm-11pm

7.25.21 O' Maddy's                   5pm-9pm

7.27.21 Saltwater Hippie         7:30pm-11pm

7.27.21 Ricky T's                      4pm-7pm

7.28.21 O' Maddy's                   5pm-9pm

7.29.21 Toasted Monkey          6pm-10pm

7.30.21 Doc Fords                    1pm-4pm

7.30.21 Saltwater Hippie         8pm-12pm

7.31.21 O' Maddy's                   1pm-4pm

7.31.21 Club 201                      9:30pm-1am