a  dynamic singer, songwriter, and guitar player based in the beaches of st. Petersburg, Doug south's vibe can be described as southern psychedelic.


Growing up in the beaches of the south east, a tropical vibe is noticeable in his music with a unique twist of bluesy phrasing, honky tonk twang, and some good ol' rock and roll. his most notable influences include Jim Morrison, hank Williams sr, Bradley nowell, Stevie Ray Vaughan and jerry Garcia.


Doug has been performing consistently around the area for a few years and has been busy performing while working to improve his craft. a new fire started inside him after getting back to performing, despite the pandemic. that fire led to more shows, more fans and his first release with many more to come. Doug's  new single "whiskey talkin'" was released recently on July 26th and more music set to be released in late 2021.  

Upcoming   shows

10.12.21 Saltwater Hippie       7:30pm-11pm

10.13.21 O' Maddy's                     5pm-9pm

10.14.21 Katiki                   6:30pm-10:30pm

10.15.21 Doc Fords                      1pm-4pm

10.15.21 Ricky T's                        8pm-11pm

10.16.21 O' Maddy's                     1pm-4pm

10.16.21 Club 201                      9:30pm-1am

10.19.21 Ricky T's                        4pm-7pm

10.19.21 Saltwater Hippie       7:30pm-11pm

10.20.21 O' Maddy's                     5pm-9pm

10.21.21 Toasted Monkey            6pm-10pm

10.22.21 Doc Fords                      1pm-4pm

10.22.21 Ricky T's                        8pm-11pm

10.23.21 O' Maddy's                     1pm-4pm

10.23.21 Ruby's Elixir                  10pm-2am

10.26.21 Saltwater Hippie       7:30pm-11pm

10.27.21 O' Maddy's                     5pm-9pm

10.29.21 Doc Fords                      1pm-4pm

10.30.21 Brass Captain                6pm-10pm

11.2.21 Ricky T's                        4pm-7pm

11.2.21 Saltwater Hippie          7:30pm-11pm

11.3.21 O' Maddy's                       5pm-9pm

11.4.21 Toasted Monkey              6pm-10pm

11.5.21 Doc Fords                        1pm-4pm

11.6.21 O' Maddy's                       1pm-4pm

11.6.21 Floridian Social Club       8pm-9pm

11.9.21 Saltwater Hippie          7:30pm-11pm

11.10.21 O' Maddy's                      5pm-9pm

11.12.21 Doc Fords                       1pm-4pm

11.12.21 Saltwater Hippie            8pm-12pm

11.13.21 O Maddy's                       1pm-4pm 

11.13.21 Blur Night Club               8pm-11pm

11.16.21 Ricky T's                        4pm-7pm

11.16.21 Saltwater Hippie        7:30pm-11pm

11.17.21 O' Maddy's                       5pm-9pm

11.18.21 Toasted Monkey              6pm-10pm

11.19.21 Doc Fords                        1pm-4pm

11.19.21 Grand Central Brew       7pm-10pm

11.20.21 O Maddy's                       1pm-4pm 

11.20.21 Red Tiki                           8pm-11pm

11.23.21 Saltwater Hippie        7:30pm-11pm

11.24.21 O' Maddy's                      5pm-9pm

11.26.21 Doc Fords                       1pm-4pm

11.26.21 Saltwater Hippie            8pm-12pm

11.27.21 O Maddy's                       1pm-4pm

11.27.21 Club 201                      9:30pm-1am 

11.30.21 Ricky T's                        4pm-7pm

11.30.21 Saltwater Hippie        7:30pm-11pm